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Cognigy showcasing Voice and SMS Conversational AI at Twilio SIGNAL


Today Cognigy announced the release of their Twilio Programmable Voice and Twilio Programmable SMS integrations. Cognigy customers can now easily make their conversational AIs available through the phone or SMS, opening up possibilities for new customer experiences.


Cognigy showcasing Voice and SMS Conversational AI at TWILIO SIGNAL 2018 - the CUSTOMER & DEVELOPER CONFERENCE in San Francisco, October 17-18, 2018.

With Cognigy in Customer Support, enterprises can deploy advanced conversational AIs onto phone lines, creating smart IVRs that handle customer inquiries without the customer having to make it through the queue. These inquiries can include unblocking credit cards, changing hotel bookings and more.

With Cognigy in HR and recruitment, employers let employees execute a whole series of repetitive tasks directly via phone or email. Employees can ask for the status of a transfer request or book PTO – all through SMS or even a phone call. Screening, interviewing and onboarding can be done via phones and HR can use automated calls to pre-qualify applicants or remind them of upcoming appointments.

Combining the power of Cognigy.AI, embedded deeply within enterprise backend systems (e.g. CRM, ERP), and Twilio, the world‘s leading cloud communications platform, enables unique new use cases across functions.

Implemented for HR, contact center or customer service, conversational AI can help to improve the user experience, leading to higher conversion, faster response times, more transactional value, 24/7 service and increased customer satisfaction across all conversational channels. Businesses can manage their conversational processes without the need for complex coding using Cognigy’s intuitive graphical workbench.

Cognigy is showcasing these solutions at Twilio SIGNAL ( on October 17th & 18th in San Francisco. Come visit us at booth M2 or book a demo today 



Written by Sascha Grosskopf




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