Free Cognigy.AI v4 training (EN + DE)

On September 1st we launched version 4 of Cognigy.AI and we're welcoming new users every day. For business users and developers familiar with Cognigy....

Nov 2, 2020
1 min

Cognigy Voice Gateway Advances Customer Service Experiences

Voice-based Conversational AI solves CX challenges; enables greater customer and employee satisfaction through automation, improving accuracy, and eff...

Oct 26, 2020
6 min

Announcing Cognigy.AI v4: Our Most Advanced Conversational AI Platform

Cognigy is proud to launch the most intuitive-to-use yet most powerful conversational AI tool on the market – Cognigy.AI V4.

Aug 31, 2020
16 min

Combining Cognigy.AI and CoCos makes building a chatbot easier than ever

Cognigy's Technology Partner CoCo built a custom module for Cognigy.AI to help users easily connect and add conversational components, therefore simpl...

Feb 5, 2020
11 min

Rich Bots on Microsoft Teams

More and more companies are using Microsoft Teams to bring everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work w...

Oct 2, 2019
7 min

Notify your user via conversations

A conversation is not always synchronous – not even between humans. Imagine ordering something to eat in a restaurant. Time passes while you consider ...

Sep 25, 2019
10 min

Fuzzy Search for better results

Humans tend to be imprecise in what they say and write: Incomplete utterances, ambiguities and typos are just a few challenges for Conversational AIs....

Jul 2, 2019
8 min

Accelerate Conversational Experiences by adding Locations and Places via HERE

Conversational AI dialogs can serve as a user interface for location-specific search requests -- ideally to get a straight-through answer to a user's ...

Jun 26, 2019
6 min

Boost your Service Management with our new ServiceNow Connector

Imagine you could get the latest status of a given Incident, by simply asking a conversational AI. Gone are the days of browsing endlessly through por...

Jun 11, 2019
7 min

Give your agile projects a voice with the new Jira Software Connector

May 28, 2019
5 min

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