Jan 22, 2021
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New Flow Nodes Available with Cognigy.AI v4.1.1

written by: Sebastian Glock
Sebastian Glock is the Senior Technology Evangelist at Cognigy where he acts as a mediator between technology & business. He has advised top-tier companies in Europe and North America in digital projects and is a seasoned speaker at international conferences and events.
New Nodes in Cognigy.AI UI

Cognigy.AI v4.1.1 (see Release Notes) brings new Flow Nodes, improved user management, usability enhancements and more.

The new Log Message Node enables Flow developers to write a message into the Agent Logs with configurable Log Level. The Overwrite Analytics Node gives the ability to selectively overwrite the Analytics data which will be stored into Analytics.

Creating multiple new users via UI is now easier than ever based on an optimized workflow.

More than that, Cognigy.AI Version 4.1.1 also included these amazing new features:

  • Improved the performance of the Flow Editor for large Flows
  • Added tooltips to the Intent form
  • Added colors to node comments
  • Improved displayed content for small screens
  • Added a new Trigger Intent button type to the Say Node
  • Added a warning to Endpoints that have no Flow selected
  • Added the ability to upload Extensions with dependencies (node_modules)
  • Add support for using self-signed SSL/TLS sertificates with our httpRequest node
  • Add support to see HTTP response headers when using our httpRequest node

You can find more information about Cognigy.AI v4.1.1 in the Release Notes.

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